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Thursday, August 05, 2004
Not sure if its just a Melbourne thing that I’ve noticed recently, or a world-wide phenomenon, but a large percentage of women feel the need to take two bags to work. Every second lady is carrying a large hand bag and in addition an extra bag which contains anything from lunches to magazines/extra shoes/makeup bag/novel/knitting (and sometimes all of these)! How much do you need to bring with you to get through the day? Marla has renamed the cardboard bag (complete with cool-store brand logo) carried by many women to work as the FELB. Female Executive Lunch Bag.

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Rather busy few months coming up – starting with my niece coming down this weekend, a few 30th birthday celebrations, a hens night, a wedding, a trip to Sydney, the races, potential visitor from Holland (woo hoo!), now just have to get Miss Gillian over here and I’ll be very happy indeed!! (guess I should also find a job to pay for all this socialising!)