Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Currently in a suburb in Sydney. Have no idea where I am really. Catching a train down town to meet Edwina for lunch, and of course, with my luck with transport, there has been a delay. Apparently some guy on top of the train. Found my way to the library to waste some time! Hopefully I won't have to sleep on this chair here, unlike Montreal....

Must say thank you to everyone for Tuesday night - Ally, Ange, Arthur, Blair, Brett (&friend), Danielle, Jen (luv you!), Kerri, Lisa, Nicole, Rob, Simon, and of course my beautiful Tanya. Had fun, topped of by a little Taberat at the end of the evening!!

Leaving for London on Sunday morning, but still have my phone until then - enjoying all those amusing messages I have received in the past few days - especially Kerri!

Will hopefully update again in the next few days...