Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Arrived in Vancouver yesterday with three pairs of shoes. Should I be worried??

Friday, June 06, 2008
Holidays have begun! Already two weeks down but feels like I have been away a lot longer.
Hopefully photos posted soon...

Have visited (random - just writing down as I remember them!)
The Girl with the Pearl Earring at Mauritshuis museum and the Escher gallery while in the Hague.
Corpus museum in Leiden.
Miniture Holland just outside of the Hague.
To visit my friend Manon in Haarlem.
Out boating on the canals.
To a thesis defence.
To an art exhibition (friend of Saco's)
To the beach.
To the goat farm to feed baby goats. (okay, so maybe not me - even as babies they are scary!)
And I may have had a drink or two inbetween all those adventures!

Will post about the beautiful city of Barcelona tomorrow...