Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, December 04, 2003

New Zealand

Hopping Kea, I'll be buttered on both sides / breaks my clog, KFChicken roomate, beeping at sheep, "I've had the time of my life" party girls, "I'm not going to wait for you to get your card out of your bra everytime you want a drink", houdini bread, Trailer Trash, trash sack, Milford Sound, Ingrid's impression of Holly, road kill - total between Wanaka and Fox Glacier 51, napping in car, "Ahhh Wanaka", Fox Glacier trek, "so we meet again a- - hole", Barbeque Galore, "noi", arrowords, "I'm not pushing you, I'm just supporting you", "How long? Geelong". My return to Melbourne was as the storm of the century hit. Waited for 2 hours in luggage claim as the baggage handlers were unable to remove our bags from the plane due to incredible lightening - the drive home was a little crazy in pouring rain. Was a pretty amazing storm!

My brother the next Bradman?

Six more days until Robbie Williams concert...