Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Sunday, October 05, 2003
Saturday evening in Vancouver and I am staying home with the children. Don't think I have yet recovered from my jet lag, and staying out until 4:30am last night didn't help! Weather here really lovely. Although fog yesterday and today, still rather warm. Have caught up with a few friends, but will make a real effort to visit people next week.

After two and a half hours sleep, Gill and I woke at 2:30 am to drive to Manchester airport. My flight was at 6:30am. Flew into London, and was even given a seat in the Economy plus section - maybe not first class, but loved the extra leg room. As the flight from London to Chicago arrived late and the race to get luggage, drop it off, then go from Terminal 5 to terminal one and go through security again, I missed my connecting flight. Eight hours in Chicago airport without much sleep wasn't much fun! Finally arrived at 11:30pm, absolutely exhausted. Didn't get to see the girls until the morning - both of them talked non stop trying to keep my attention and tell me stories at the same time! Amazing how they've grown!!