Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Dublin/Paris/London photos...

Round Dublin Without a Fridge (and a mirror)
Drinking baby Guinness shot, "I'm hiding", Gillian suffering from jetlag after a one hour flight, Book of Kells, Guinness Factory, "Literacy Luncheons" at Oscar Wilde's childhood home, U2's Clarence Hotel, Gill trying to pull bus driver, Rip off taxi, "round 2" on the double decker bus, 12 euros for two gin and tonics in an English packed bar..... Cafe en Seine, The Village, Hogans.

PARIS "I don't like where this conversation is going"
Started off with a sprint from the bus to the train and then a 3.5 hour delay at Peterborough on the way down to London, Little knowledge of french resulted in us telling the garcon that we'd already paid, Eiffel Tower - singing Superman theme tune - I believe this is your floor, Vin roughe and fromage trouses, Wine and cheese by the Eiffel Tower, Men peeing in the street, non-drawing/painting sleazy artist, drinking gin and tonics quickly as we arrived in Paris, Sunset at Sacred Cour, Moules and Frites 10 euros at Molmasan.

"David, is that you in the box?" Lou doing an impression of Victoria Beckham, David Blaine's latest stunt, running in the rain, inability to fit into "skinny jeans" not sure if eating profiteroles two nights in a row was the cause.....