Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Banana Boat

Well, what a week! Left last Sunday for Malaga (Costa Del Sol) in the south of Spain. We stayed at Iain's parents villa in Mijas. Plane was delayed by a couple of hours which didn't impress me too much as I had to get up at 4:30am.

I shared the beginning of my holiday alongside English tourists and their ghetto blasters, who I secretly named "Dougie" (as in the line from Shirley Valentine). We were greeted by Helen and Gareth displaying a 'You're Late' sign printed on a paper shopping bag with a picture of a half dressed man.

One of the best restaurants we ate at in Funky-rola (Fuengirola) was Meson El Candil. Unbelievable food. Although the snails freaked me out!

The vacation consisted of ;
Lots of reading - Michael J Fox and What Should I do with my Life? (thanks to recommendation from Mark) Tom took it upon himself to read a chapter whenever I put the book down!
Me avoiding my jigsaw responsibilities.
My fellow holiday makers understanding the delights of a lunchtime Shandy (half lager, half lemonade).
A LOT of laughter.
Attempting to get sunburnt (European sun very different from Australian sun).
Climbing the horrid "Jackass" hill back to the villa - not fun after a few drinks.
Snake Bag - good for scaring Helen.
ANGEL of the North / Slapper of the south.
Speed dating - sorry Vinnie.
Connect 4.
Aqua handstands.
Tight rope walking
Window peeing in the pool (hope you guys were joking….)
Pablo, Carlos and Hulio
Waving at Gareth's parents
Glasgow Boys
Finding the lighter...
God bless you (my attempt at becoming a nun).
False accusations - Vinnie's glasses at the bottom of the pool. I SWEAR it wasn't me...(guilty til proven innocent??)
Crisp/Chips and cheese roll - Spanish tradition?
The Muppets theme tune
Pole dancing
Squash plant
"You're meessing with my braain" - quote from Michael J Fox book
I can find anything....!!
Small lobster
Big Beer
Big Brother 4 sweepstake - go Justine!
You have been evicted!!

Vinnie went swimming in the sea
What a disaster that turned out to be.
He got swept by a wave,
Iain was unable to save.
There was no lifeboat,
Boy, bet he wishes he wore his coat.

Po (Teletubbies)
There once was a boy called Tom
Who stayed in the sun too long.
At TV screen appeared on his tummy,
And we all thought it was very funny!

There once was a girl called Leesa
Who really was a bit of a teaser,
She got out her jugs
And scared all the bugs
And pissed off her room mate Louisa!

I want to go back - rainy Leeds really isn't the same! Straight back to my cell phone and laptop though...oh, and Big Brother! Photos should be posted by the end of the week. A few amusing ones were taken...

Countdown still continuing - hopefully only a few more days to go...