Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Monday, January 20, 2003
Yes, its true, I had a fantastic long weekend in London.
Unfortunately I have no BodyWorlds Exhibition stories to tell - admission line was huge, probably a minimum two and a half hour wait. As much as I was looking forward to it, think it may have freaked me out a little - check this out.

"That man really likes bananas", "look at the fat kid run" - Gillian 2003.

Thursday I caught up with Danielle (and Maria with little Edward), then went out with Gill's work colleagues for dinner and a drink. Friday I met Josh and Danielle in Nottinghill (not going to mention that I saw where Robbie Williams lives and had a very lucky Matt Day sighting), then out for Pad Thai and drinks at Waxy's. Saturday night we went to a boat party on the Queen Mary. Great people meeting night. Sunday Gill, Josh, Stu and I spent the day in town before catching up with Tom later in the afternoon. Caught up with Iain for ten minutes as he arrived in London and as I was leaving! Expensive, but fun weekend.

Canadian friend has asked me to look out for Coronation Street Merchandise. How cheesy is this alarm clock???