Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Monday, January 06, 2003
It is currently -2 although it is claimed to feel like -6 when wind chill is taken into account here in Leeds. Melbourne today; 35 degrees (it actually hit 40.2 degrees)....We spent the day in York yesterday - it was painfully cold. The solarium is calling....

Hot Buttered Death and Haley's comment - always a good read.

For those of you in detox - have a read of this. Hilarious! May be the oppotunity to start practising while you have time on your hands....

Have a Michael Franti/Spearhead song running through my head...
but hey diddle diddle
to the people in the middle
we got hot wax
and it's cookin' on the griddle
Got the guitar strummin
the drummer drummin
the people all hummin
and the vibe was lovin
on and on and on
'till the breakadawn