Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Monday, November 04, 2002
I travelled up to Glasgow this weekend. Have been intending on going back up to Scotland for some months.
Visited the area and the actual street where my grandfather grew up in the early 1900’s. Although, his house had been knocked down, replaced not by a Starbucks, but a car park for ntl vans.

We also visited Loch Lomond, great views, although a little overcast and we ventured around central Glasgow. Went to a brilliant seafood restaurant called Rogano for dinner on Saturday night. The website displays just how "posh" it is. Highly recommended. Food and service was amazing.

Friends from Los Angeles emailed me. They are thinking about coming over to the UK to purchase a car (as you do!). Haven’t seen them for 18 months, so would be great to catch up. Attempting to think of touristy things to do….

Oh yeah, still homeless here in Leeds, but less stressed about it this week!