Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Friday, October 11, 2002
Just found this brilliant site which goes through growing up in Australia during the late 70's/eighties. Covers things like Catch us if you can, Wonderworld, Lunch orders, Dial a Dinos, moon boots, City Square's yellow peril, Big M's and the above tongue twister used for ordering a Big Mac at McDonalds.

Money grows on trees?
Speaking of childhood, via Rob, I have been browsing the site I Used To Believe which has readers contribute to some of the things they thought were real while growing up;
I used to believe that the Mr Whippy van played the Greensleeves music when he had sold out of all the icecream! My father was such a cheap bastard.

Yet to add my own. I did though, during primary school, convince my younger brother that I had x-ray glasses and could see what he was up to in the next room. Although he now denies it, he believed me for years...