Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Friday, October 11, 2002
Since I was a teenager, it has always been a dream of mine to visit Greece. For years I have talked about the “Shirley Valentine moments” I’ve always wanted to experience. Just over two weeks ago Janelle and I left for Rhodes (after my persistant begging of needing to go to Greece rather than Turkey, Spain or Egypt). It was brilliant….

Greece Highlights
Note in room : “Please do not bring drink or food other premises to this swimming pool. Thank you”

“We were going to do things together. What happened to togetherness?? You’ve ruined everything!” An exert of a speech as a result of a premature ice-cream run overheard by everyone on the beach.

Sergio. Oh my sweet Sergio, he knows the way to a woman’s heart.

Greek night. Donkey Dance. Crazy Billy. Crazy Billy’s crotch. No further comment.

Discovered my dislike of octopus (especially when pulled straight from the sea) to add to my list of cats, Australian Rules Football, mossy rocks, mice etc.

Tomatoes. I love tomatoes, but enough is enough!

Sunset in Lindos. A day of Shirley Valentine moments. Drank red wine while watching the sunset. Thanks Mike.

Disappointed by the fact that no Greek man ever said "I promise not to try to make fuck with you". That would have topped off the Shirley V experience!

Lazy Day Cruise. Otherwise known as the overcast, rainy day cruise. Was constantly humming the tune from Gilligans Island. Choppy seas on return – was brilliant!

Dinner in Lindos at a recommended restaurant called Il Bacco. I officially love Greece! Luna Bar for drinks. Challenge by the Australian bar man proved I’d watched The Curiosity Show in my youth ("thanks for asking")!

Anthony Quinn Bay – crystal clear water, absolutely beautiful.

Thanks Janelle, had a brilliant week. Hope your travels in Africa are as much fun!