Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, October 24, 2002
I displayed the biggest fashion no-no this morning. I wore sneakers with my suit on the way to work. Such a BAD look, yet oh-so comfortable....

Little Fish, Big River post today made me laugh out loud - entitled Buy Low Sell High.

This article was written by comedian Justin Kennedy. Worth the read as it is very funny. Justin argues that we should fight against the use of drugs and more to the point, FOR drugs - for the rights of drugs, because they have feelings too.
His fight for freedom for drugs began when he was just six years old; ".....I could literally hear the Panadol beg for mercy as it saw the tip of the glimmering blade touch down on the chopping board, ready to complete its death dive. With the body of the blade only another second away from cleaving the pill’s guts in two I screamed “You’re hurting him,” like Elliot did in ET, but there were no BMXs or gravity defying miracles....."