Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, October 10, 2002
Have been a little slack in sorting out my National Insurance Number (haven't called them about a promised interview I was to have). Not to mention my tax. Owed a rebate which could finance a long weekend to Dublin if I'm lucky. Today is the day I finally got the wheels in motion. Lets just see how long this will take, or if it will be another "opening a bank account" experience!

Found out a few days ago that a friend of mine is moving to Hong Kong.
J. and I haven't lived together in the same country for about four years. Was looking forward to going home and spending a bit of time with her - dinners at the Vege Bar then across the road for coffee! I did see her briefly in Melbourne late last year when our schedules allowed us to be in the same place, and then again in Japan for one night in January this year where we found ourselves singing karoke. Currently email every day which is nice, but there have been times when we wouldn't email or chat for months at a time. Still consider J. one of my best friends, wish her the best luck in the world and congratulate her on making another huge decision. I look forward to the day that we can hang out together for long than 24 hours at a time!

(Must say I am jealous as J. and another friend of mine have taken to my hobbie of walking around Albert Park Lake, one of my favourite places. Remember to go in an anti-clockwise direction, or 5km seems like an eternity....)

Adrian is rather amusing.