Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, July 04, 2002
Look at me Kimmie!

The Australian comedy, Kath and Kim is hilarious. The wedding is being broadcast tonight.

Kim's diets
One-two-three footy frank diet
One footy frank for breakfast, two for lunch and three for tea.
The pritken (pron. pretty-can) diet
Includes such favorite tinned meals as Baked Beans, Creamed Corn, Tom Piper's Braised Steak and Vegetables and oops - all manner of pretty cans!
O-zone diet
This has taken taken Hollywood by storm. Jennifer Pitt-Aniston, Madonna Penn-Ritchie, Courtney Loves Cox have all been on it and have all really lost it. You only eat air for two weeks then only red meat for two weeks so it all balances out.
The no-carbs diet
Works on the simple principle that if you don't feed your body it will eat away at itself. Ketosis is the key to beauty.