Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I am what I am

Alistair and Derek have both had a go at the Google game (type in "(your name) is"). Thought I would try….
LEESA is a pretty boy obsessed teenager; the “straight, single woman”; involved in many volunteer activities as she continues to travel all over the world; a science consultant for the Toronto District School Board; mean, nice, bitchy, calm, retro, new wave and modern all at once; a wonderful, adaptable, cheerful person who seems to cope with anything; a natural beauty; fun to work with and a very talented beginner; a proud endorser of Pro*Mark Drumsticks, and Kansas City Drumworks Drums; currently recording in Sydney for her up and coming album; a perv; a neurosurgeon, 18” tall; a bird watcher; obsessed with bands and fluent in a number of languages.