Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Thanks to Andrew – I saw the man himself – James Brown, apparently scoring the last ticket. Waiting outside was quite amusing as there were many an “owwww” heard!

James played for over two hours, accompanied by a brass band who were just awesome. Being only 50 metres or so away from the “godfather of soul”, I must say I was most impressed. Glad I finally had the opportunity to see him after turning down a ticket in Vancouver. A wonderful evening – we even had to sing Happy Birthday to Mr Brown on his 70th birthday. Legendary. ”This is a man’s world”(Ahhhh, you have to laugh….)

Sunday a few of us had lunch in the huge Oak beer garden. And Monday, as it was a public holiday, I didn’t go to work and spent most of the day asleep. Nice to finally be able to sleep in.