Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

<b><fontsize=”5” face “arial”><center>Life Update!

The latest going-ons!

    An Otley run is being organised for the Queen’s Jubilee weekend as HM hasn’t invited me to her party at Buckingham Palace. Email me if you want to come along. The Otley run is a pub crawl consisting of around 20 pubs. Help!
    There is STILL a mouse in my house. Spotted him/her last night. Positive it’s a different one to the other one I’ve seen….
    My older brother is due to get married in July. Any ideas for a present?
    Mezz will be in the UK in just over 6 weeks.
    Work going well. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, even though it is quiet busy there. Not sure what is going to happen after June when the health system is re-organised.
    Decided that I miss having children in my life. (Doesn’t include the constantly expanding group of children who insist on playing football outside our house every night.
    I read online that the weather in Melbourne yesterday was described as a “wintry blast”. The low was 9 degrees with a top of 15…That sounds really nice…
    YES, I have been reading up on html.
    NO, this isn't what I intended this entry to look like. Will read up on it, and get back to you!