Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, May 16, 2002

The last episode in the series of Teachers, was shown last night, which has become one of my favourite programmes.

The series is set around the work week of five principal characters who are high school teachers. The cinematography, characters, script, music, originality, the use of a donkey (zebra or penguin for that matter) at the back of a scene every now and then is what has made the show.

Disappointed last nights show began on Thursday. Interesting to see every week how they will let the viewer know what day of the week it is. Last night “Thursday” was written on the car through the fake snow that had been decorating the car to put everyone into the Christmas spirit. The word “Friday” was revoltingly the drool from Brian’s mouth on his pillow as he was sleeping. Essential Wednesday night viewing!

New series begins early next year. Just hope it is broadcast down in Australia. Airdrie check it out if it is ever shown in Canada, you will never look at high school teaching the same way again!