Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

"I Hate Those Mice's to Pieces"

Completed Billy by Pamela Stephenson last night. Went to bed
rather early.....was on the phone to my Mum last night in the kitchen, when
I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. There was a mouse under the
oven. Eeeee, phone call quickly ended, and as no one was home, I had no
other place to go but up to my room. Finished the book while waiting for
my room mates to get home. The were wondering why I was in bed so early!
As the cartoon states, I hate those mice's to pieces.

Bizarre being a vegetarian and having such a fear of animals. I should
be an animal lover, but instead I am quiet frightened of them. Even fake
plastic eels that used to sit in our bathtub in Vancouver, they used make
me squirm everytime I showered. Too afraid to tell Migueal and Anthony
incase they teased me with the toy. Weird and wonderful practical jokes
used to be played on me, such as trying to go sleep one night, stretching
and feeling something plastic. The boys had found a mannequin which they
placed in my bed......