Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Thursday, March 07, 2002

New room mate ... "Reading in the paper yesterday about the scarecrow who won an award. He was the most outstanding in his field."
Nellie and Marlush, this so reminds me of the jokes you guys would tell on our nights out at the Railway!

Had a feeling last night when I couldn't sleep that perhaps it was another house with a "presence". Whenever I would stay at my friend Dave's place in Maple Ridge, just outside Vancouver, I was never able to sleep no matter how tired I was. Found out later there were stories apparently in the house regarding non-humans. Never found out what actually happened, thankgoodness. In the end I got up for half an hour then crashed for the rest of the night - don't think I'm used to going to sleep at a decent hour.

Birthday cake at work. So not the same as the birthday cakes we had at Roadshow from David Jones. Wish I had been there the day Tanya let go of the cake before it reached the table....(Sorry Tan, but someone had to begin the bantering between our blogs. I know you have plenty of stories on I'm scared....).

And finally, you are the most horrible person in the world SaffaNick, all I wanted to do last night was see Jason Donovan and you broke my heart by not taking me last night..."don't cry, you must have heard some things about me, that made you turn away, that made you live your life without me, but you were hearing rumours, I can see it in your face, they tried to tell you that someone else could take your place. You can put your faith in me, love will have its victory"...all from memory, I am a BIG fan, now very, very embarrased.