Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Good to be recovering from the weekend. Not too wild, but rather busy.

Happy 30th birthday to Brad! And happy birthday to Sal (great dinner had Saturday night!), Dr. C and Faye for last week.

On Sunday I walked over to the boys (yes SaffaNick, you are getting yet another mention!), for my promised afternoon of Playstation only to find them out even though they said they'd be back early afternoon. When a small amount of sun came out on the Saturday, Jonny decided it was BBQ Season (Duck season, rabbit season...). They had purchased a BBQ for the summer and next thing we knew, there were 10 people standing around a miniture version of the Webber and throwing a rugby ball around. Bring on Summer!!!

This time last year I was flying down to LA, and then spent Easter in Vegas....

Question asked..."Is Celine Dion known in Australia?"