Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Saturday, March 16, 2002
Food Hatred

I have a friend (who is now four), who hates bananas. She is totally freaked out by them. She will work the perimeter of a room just to avoid being close to one! The fear on her face when here younger sister is eating a banana is priceless!!

I have another friend (who is quite a bit older than four!) who hates Baked Beans. He won't even let you talk about them in his presence. It makes him feel physically ill to even discuss the subject.

My only real food hatred (apart from meat, being a vegetarian and all) is raw celery. The taste and texture are just awful.

No idea why I decided to blog this, but just an interesting observation!

Sorry to everyone with being a little slack with emails. I do love reading them though, but as I don't have access at work, I have to make it to an internet cafe. Also like to make it home before dark because the area I'm living in is a little scary. Was woken at 3am this morning with a guy singing as he walked (crawled?!) along the street. Cool house though, and great room mates (apart from the Celine Dion). Room mate cooked myself and a few of my friend dinner on Thursday night. After quiet a few bottles of wine, we knew it was going to be a regular occurence.