Vegetarian Mouse Slayer

Saturday, February 16, 2002

After listening to the sadly highly contagious "one two smell my feet, I want something good to eat" repeated numerous times by a 7 year old, I arrived in Harrowgate via bus. Nice to be out of London and to be located in a bar literally in the middle of no where - loving the countryside!.

Quiz night last night was interesting (no, I wasn't knitting at the same time...) with the majority of questions either based around British history and soaps, or questions way before anyone from my team was born. It was fun to heckle the organiser of events though including constantly asking for hints and for the questions to be repeated (as if it made any difference!). Needless to say we didn't win.

Planning on heading to Leeds early next week, which means I won't be here to re-challenge last nights winners. The results difference proved they wouldn't have much to worry about anyway....